DON'T DO THIS 3 Ways to Turn off Home Buyers


Don’t Do This 3 Ways to Turn off Home Buyers


1. Is it dirty?

If your bathroom is reminiscent of one found at a gas station, if the kitchen is so cluttered, it appears there is no room to store items, let alone cook a meal; it’s probably time to do some serious cleaning and a bit of staging.


I am happy to share staging ideas with you. Let me know if you need help.


2. Does it stink?

It’s a bit scary how we become acclimated to things – the sound of a train passing several times a day, the noise of jetliners overhead, a view (whether gorgeous or horrid), and, yes, odors.


Odors are one of the biggest turn-offs for homebuyers. Pet and baby odors are a lot easier to deal with if you consistently clean up after the offenders.


3. Is it dark and gloomy?

Light and bright rooms rule the day in a home sale. Throw open window coverings and leave every light in the house on during showings. Buy new lamps and light fixtures to brighten up dark areas, including walk-in closets.


Please reach out to me if you have any questions about what it takes to reach homebuyers willing to pay top dollar for your home.


The above list is just a few items to consider. I’m happy to share more ideas with you. Please reach out to me for additional guidance.

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