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 Parents how do you go about selecting the Right School for your Kids? What is important to you and to them? This video is all about the Weilenmann School of Discovery in Park City Utah, with special guest Steve Williams who is the Executive Director of Weilenmann School of Discovery up in Beautiful Park City, Utah. Weilenmann is a Public Charter School serving kids k-8th grade. In this video Steve answers all the burning questions you might have as a Parent. So if you are looking to Relocate to Utah, are moving to Park City Utah, or you are a local Utah resident thinking of switching schools you will definitely want to check out everything Steve has to say about this incredible and wonderful school full of heart with an amazing culture.


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There's a lot of "secrets to buying real estate in Park City" out there. There's a lot of things that we could be doing that we think we're supposed to do, or that sites like Zillow and Redfin would have us do as buyers, to get our dream home... But honestly - those things don't matter as much as we think they do. And here's the 3 secrets every buyer must know about how to buy real estate in Park City Utah.

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Can you buy a house with Cryptocurrency? How do you buy a house using crypto?

How do you buy a house using Bitcoin? Watch my video on it. 

In the United States, the question of "How to buy a home?" is answered with a 30 year mortgage from a bank. In some countries, the process for buying a home is similarly straightforward. Mortgages, down payments, an appraiser, and real estate agents are all part of the standard procedure. This video explores how to buy a home outside of this traditional framework of getting a mortgage and instead using your bitcoin or crypto currency to potentially buy a home.

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Cooler temperatures means a cooler housing market right? Sort of, but not quite. According to new data, home sales have slowed down ever so slightly. Multiple-offer situations aren't as frequent and we are finally starting to see housing supply tick upward. Inventory is on the rise but compared to previous years, the overall supply is still very low. So what does this mean? Here are our key takeaways:

  • 2021 is still on pace to be the second best year for home sales in state history.
  • Home prices are still high, but with less competition, buyers will have more room for opportunity and negotiation. 
  • Because the market is still competitive, sellers can still anticipate getting top dollar for their homes.

If you have any questions about

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Welcome to Park City Utah where everyday is like living in a screen saver image. Our Life is basically your vacation. Our garages become our trailheads, the chair lift on a powder day our offices. For me getting up in the Winter and hitting the mountain everyday is basically the equivalent of you going for your morning jog. So let me ask you a question are you ready for it? Park City is one of the best places to live in Utah. Park City is home to two World Class Ski Resorts right outside our back door step, Deer Valley, and Park City Mountain Resort along with plenty other things to do in Utah

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Don’t Do This 3 Ways to Turn off Home Buyers


1. Is it dirty?

If your bathroom is reminiscent of one found at a gas station, if the kitchen is so cluttered, it appears there is no room to store items, let alone cook a meal; it’s probably time to do some serious cleaning and a bit of staging.


I am happy to share staging ideas with you. Let me know if you need help.


2. Does it stink?

It’s a bit scary how we become acclimated to things – the sound of a train passing several times a day, the noise of jetliners overhead, a view (whether gorgeous or horrid), and, yes, odors.


Odors are one of the biggest turn-offs for homebuyers. Pet and baby odors are a lot easier to deal with if you consistently clean up after the

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Will Home Prices Keep Rising?

Homebuyers are getting a lot of mixed messages this year. Interest rates are near record lows, but housing prices are still rising. So should you continue to rent or go ahead and take the plunge to buy? That depends a lot on both your needs and where you live. 

You may be wanting more space for home offices, play areas for kids, and more.  You may not have to be close to work, which is one reason why there’s a current exodus out of expensive cities like New York City and San Francisco to suburbs or smaller towns. Another reason is cost. 

According to,  home prices will almost certainly continue to rise through 2021, primarily due to limited supply and strong demand. Interestingly, the

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1. Price. Price is not the ONLY term that matters, but let’s face it, it is a huge factor on whether or not the offer gets accepted. In competing situations, buyers may have to offer full price or above.

2. Contract Deadlines. These deadlines can be good indicators on how solid a buyer really is. Making the deadlines

as short as possible sends a strong message. Also, accommodating the seller’s moving schedule can be just the

thing to help the seller feel good about your offer.

3. Earnest Money. Remember earnest money. is money set aside in case of a default that hurts the other party. So

when this amount is low, it sends a message that they want the other party to take the risk. Pay close attention to


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‘Is There a Real Estate Bubble?’ and Other Questions to Consider When Buying or Selling in 2021


Of all the real estate terms referenced in the media, “bubble” might be the most overused. Over the past few months, the word has seen a resurgence, with prospective buyers and sellers worrying that the white-hot markets of 2020 will lead to a proverbial burst in 2021.

Real estate experts in the U.S. and abroad, however, are cautiously optimistic, and they don’t believe the activity of this past year has inflated a “bubble” to be concerned over.

“A real estate ‘bubble’ is characterized and fueled by speculation, and that is not what we are experiencing now,” says Scott Bradley, President,

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